You Call Its


Valentino glossy 2012 

*Grand Champion OOAK LHS 2013*  *Grand Champion Collectibility LHS 2013*


Chips Drafter to Friesian Stallion 2012

So much customization went into this horse it is amazing: the hooves were detailed after hair was removed, the forelock, mane and tail are completely remade, even the mouth is slightly opened. Price $350

Wild Blue Yonder glossy 2014

ISH to blue roan blanket appaloosa

As far as customization, I asked for the mane and forelock of OOAK ISH Whiz Khalifa and the tail of OOAK ISH Keith. I also asked for muzzle wrinkles and carved ears and nostriles. I asked for the mane and tail to be the painted the colors of OOAK ISH Envogue and then I provided reference photos of real horses for the rest of the paint job that was a blue roan blanket Appaloosa with haloed spots, striped hooves, rabiacano markings on the barrel and mealy markings.