Peter Stone

Traditional Weanlings


OOAK Littlefield OOAK Resta OOAK Laurelyn
OOAK Confetti Baby OOAK 1230  


OOAK Littlefield satin 2012      "Jumpin Jack Flash"-Quarter horse colt  NAN qualified

Overall Grand Champion Rare Stone-SHCF 2014

Grand Champion Rare Stone Weanlings SHCF 2014

1st place Stone Quarter Horse weanlings SHCF 2014


This fantastic bay brindle model is customized as a colt with a slightly open mouth, turned head, carved and twitched ears, carved nose detail, and a customized mane and flipping tail. It's one of the most beautiful models I have ever seen and definitely my favorite.

OOAK Laurelyn glossy     previously NAN qualified      "Rhiannon"-Quarter Horse filly


Multi NAN Qualified

This beautiful grey brindle filly is one of only two brindle weanlings I know of and I have them both. Unfortunately I don't know the year this model was made. I am it's third owner and the lady I purchased it from didn't have any info on it. It's not on the Stone Reference site. It has a beautiful brindle pattern and a customized flipping tail. lsq. This model came with three NAN cards.

OOAK Resta glossy 2011    "Summer Breeze"-Appaloosa filly   NAN qualified

1st place appaloosa weanlings Rare Stone SHCF 2014


This beautiful grey leopard appaloosa has haloed spots, two white socks with striped hooves, beautiful coloring, and a customized flipping tail with added hair details. It's from a Stone webcast. Purchased from Susan Phillips. This model had already live show placed when I purchased it. LSQ

OOAK Twelve Thirty glossy Dec. 2010                   "Cindy Lou Who"-Quarter horse filly


Unusual dappled grey and all the white areas have mapped markings. Purchased from Stone Horses ebay store. LSQ

Confetti Baby glossy Dec. '10                             "Blue Bayou" Appaloosa filly



Design a Horse. Not one I did. It was for sale on the Stone Horses ebay store after the buyer backed out. It has blue eyes, lots of haloed appy spots, speckling, striped hooves and a high gloss finish. So it's not technically an OOAK. Somebody else could have ordered this exact pattern, but it is listed on the Stone Horse Reference Site. It looks so beautiful with my Seeker. LSQ.