Peter Stone 

Traditional  Trotting Drafters


OOAK Ace OOAK Sullivan Helsinki
DAH Trotting Drafter in bay roan-coming    
Looking for an Armstrong in glossy. Would trade my Helsinki for a glossy one. 


OOAK Ace glossy 2009            "Nimbus"-Sugarbush draft horse  

3rd at Equilocity 2014 in American Draft Rare Stone


This black leopard appaloosa gelding is from the December 2009 Warehouse Sale. It has a heavily customized mane, forelock and tail with added hair details, shaded mane, tail and leg feathering, haloed spots, striped hooves, ermines and pink skin. Signed by Peter Stone. lsq Purchased from John Miller.

OOAK Sullivan glossy  Feb. 2012    "Red Dragon"-Sugarbush draft horse   NAN qualified

Reserve Champion in Draft/Long Ear Division Rare Stone at SHCF 2014

1st in American Draft Rare Stone SHCF 2014


This gelding is a beautiful red roan leopard appy with haloed spots, striped hooves, mottled skin, beautiful shading, highly customized long mane, forelock, and a remade loose flowing tail with added hair details. He has carved ears and nose detail. Purchased from Stone Direct. lsq

Helsinki matte 2005                                 "Super Trouper" Sugarbush Draft 


Beautiful FCM model with loose mane and tail. I believe the number produced was 24. They have haloed spots and striped hooves. I just bought mine 11/13 and paid more than the issue price but what could I do. I have wanted one for a long time. I would only trade mine for a glossy version that is also lsq.

DAH Trotting Drafter 2014 glossy-coming                      Gypsy Vanner

I asked for mine to be painted a bay roan with dapples, multi eye and a badger face.