Peter Stone 

Traditional  Thoroughbreds


OOAK Sir Spots A Lot O'Callahan Would love to purchase OOAK Bannock
OOAK Marco $192 Would love to purchase a Gneiss Would like a Saville
DAH Windswept Thoroughbred in Frosty Dun-coming    


OOAK Sir Spots A Lot glossy Jan. 2011          "Kashmir"-Knabstrupper


This heavily spotted liver leopard appaloosa has haloed appy spots, ghost spots, striped hooves, ermines, and lots of speckling. It is customized with a pulled mane and a loose tail with added details. The mane and tail are beautifully shaded. This was a Stone Direct model that I hesitated and missed out on. I was lucky enough to buy it just a few months later from Susan Phillips. Unfortunately it is very tipsy and I am afraid to try and display it. 

OOAK Marco glossy Oct 2010                For Sale $192


This black leopard appaloosa stallion has a custom short mane, remade swishing tail, beautiful shading, ringed hooves, beautiful mottling, one white sock, a wide white blaze and a pink muzzle. Purchased from Stone's Ebay Store at sale discount. Original price was $225.

O'Callahan glossy  5-18-12    "Bohemian Rhapsody"-Walkaloosa   NAN qualified

1st place at SHCF 2014 Other Light Gaited


Very limited run of 5. This model is customized with pinned ears, turned and tucked head, sculpted forelock, refined mane and remade swishing tail. It has haloed appy spots, mottled skin, beautiful coloring and shading, brindling on the barrel, striped hooves and one sock. Purchased from Stone Direct.

DAH Windswept Thoroughbred Glossy 2012-coming

I asked for mine to be painted frosty dun with dapples.