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Senior Bucks 1

***Last Updated 7-17-14***

MCH/PGCH Chinook Winds DH Born To Be Wild-retired Chinook Winds #9's Werewolf Of London-sold Chinook Winds LOTR Lemony Snickett


I have always believed that bucks are the most important part of a herd. I always look at them first when looking at another farm's herd. I have put a lot of money into our bucks, buying two of the most famous Nigerian bucks to use as herdsires, MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S and ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S. Also, thanks to Valerie Ciesynski and Elaine Wynne, I was lucky enough to buy a great buck as a baby and finish him, MCH/PGCH Green Gate Dragon Heart, although he almost cost as much as a finished buck. I bought another great buck as a baby from Valerie, Piddlin Acres Rhett Butler, a Blue Thunder and Revelee son. 

We do not offer any outside breeding services. 

Senior Bucks 2

  CHW BTBW CC Ryder $300 (MCH/PGCH CHW DH Born To Be Wild x Pride Of Texas Morning Star) CHW BW Gryffendor (ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S x CHW Tex's San Antonio Girl)

Senior Bucks 3

CHW SG Warlock $250 (Pride Of Texas Speedy Gonzalez x Twin Creeks DJ Spellbound) CHW #9's Heebie Jeebies $250 CHW BW Neptune (ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S x CHW DH Arwen)


MCH/PGCH Chinook Winds DH Born To Be Wild   3-24-02    Pedigree  22"   Retired                               

*2007 NDGA National Champion Buck *  

8x GCH Buck, 2x RsCH Buck, 1x RsCH Junior

1x Grand Champion Buck in the Ring 1 pre-show to the 2003 AGS National Show 

2nd in his class at 2004 AGS National show

Winner of Sire and Son at the 2003 AGS National Show along with MCH Green Gate Dragon Heart

2nd in his class at the 2003 AGS National Show, The buck he took 2nd to won National Champion buck.   

Sire: MCH/PGCH Green Gate Dragon Heart

AGS: 4x GCH Buck, 2x NCH Sire and Son Winner

NDGA: 4x GCH Senior Buck, 1x RsCH Senior Buck

Dam: Chisholm Trail Mustang Sally, 2x GCH Senior Doe, AGS-ADGA, 1x Best Of Breed

Bottom photo courtesy of Nicole Beth, Sally's owner.

Sire's Sire: Piddlin Acres Disco Dance *S, 5x RsCH Junior Dam's Sire: MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S
SPGS: ARMCH Twin Creeks Baywatch ++*S 'E' (Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S x MCH Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles *D) DPGS: Goodwood Z Ali Babba +*S (Goodwood Zeppo +S x Goodwood Helvetica *D, 2x GCH)
SPGD: MCH Piddlin Acres Doe C Doe *D (Piddlin Acres Gremlin x Piddlin Acres Dark Victory) DPGD: Willows Good Golly (Willows Beauregard x Willows Sweet Georgia Brown)
Sire's Dam: Lost Valley Macey, 2000 NDGA National Dry Doe Dam's Dam: Chisholm Trail Odessey
SMGS: MCH Goodwood Tahoe +*S (ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree ++*S x Goodwood Bejou Merry 2*D) DMGS: MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay +S (Willow Creek Treason x Goodwood Milkweed)
SMGD: 4S Samantha *D (Majyk Hills Starshine x Far-n-Best Tin Pan Allley) DMGD: Goodwood Llano (Goodwood Lotto Money x Goodwood Cucumber)
This buck used to live up to his name, but now he has calmed down so much. I love this buck. He is so beautiful to look at and so easy to handle. He has all his sire's fabulous qualities, including his excellent dairy character; angulation; thin, dairy skin; flat, open ribbing; long, level, uphill topline; beautiful head. Plus he has more depth of body and spring of rib. At a show in 2006, one judge commented that he has the nicest shoulders she has seen on a buck. His best features are his tight shoulders and sharp withers. That's what judges and other breeders comment on again and again. 

At the 2004 National show and the other related shows, he was always first or second in his class. The two judges for the National Show both commented that he and his sire are both "nearly perfect bucks". B.B. won Grand Champion buck and Best In Breed in one of the two prestigious pre-shows to the AGS 2003 National Show. He was second in his class in the 2003 National Show. The buck he took second to, won National Champion Buck. B.B. and his sire, Dragon Heart, won the Sire and Son class at the National Show. 

***April 2007: BB won NDGA National Champion Buck. He also swept the shows winning Grand Champion Senior Buck in all four shows. This made him a Permanent Grand Champion.***

***May 2009: BB gained his Master Champion status when he won an AGS/ADGA Grand Champion buck leg with the judge commenting that he stood on the soundest feet and legs of any younger buck in the show. Then he went on to win the champion challenge against excellent bucks, one of which had won over all the other breed bucks in the previous day's show, in which BB wasn't entered.***

Update 1/14: At almost 12 years of age, BB is still with us but is having leg issues and we are closely watching his quality of life. Incredibly people are still asking to purchase him, but I guess they aren't checking his age first.


Chinook Winds #9's Werewolf Of London   11-2-08   Polled!  Blue-eyed!  Sold to Michael Garwood and Lynn McAdoo

1x GCH Senior buck, 1x GCH Jr, 1x RsCH JR NDGA


Sire: Chisholm Trail Love Potion #9 (deceased) Dam: CHW AR Once In A Blue Moon, 2x GCH Dry Doe, 1x RsCH Jr
Sire's Sire: MCH Chisholm Trail Walker +S Dam's Sire: CHW DH Aragorn
SPGS: Goodwood Kupe's Canoe (MCH Goodwood Kenya +S x Goodwood Dorothy Gale) DPGS: MCH/PGCH Green Gate Dragon Heart (Piddlin Acres Disco Dance *S x Lost Valley Macey, 1x 2000 NC Dry Doe)
SPGD: Chisholm Trail Heidi (Chisholm Trail Peso x Chisholm Trail Hannah) DPGD: CHW RB Cinnamon Red Hots (Piddlin Acres Rhett Butler x Woodhaven Farms Bit-a-Honey, 1x GCH Dry Doe, 1x GCH Jr)
Sire's Dam: Chisholm Trail Holiday Jewel Dam's Dam: Flat Rocks American Beauty
SMGS: MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay (Willow Creek Treason x Goodwood Milkweed) DMGS: Munchranch Cactus Jack (Woodhaven Farms Al Jolsen x Dav-Lyn Glory's Orion)
SMGD: MCH Hayseed Pantomime (Willows Prototype x Hayseed Lil Turnip) DMGD: Willow Creek Mania (Gladys Porter Zoo Leprechaun x Goodwood Madonna)
This is an incredibly long bodied buck. He has nice angularity and dairy character. He has correct feet and legs and nice width and depth throughout. He has incredibly wrinkly, dairy skin. We finally made it into the show ring with him, and he won under both judges, 1x GCH Jr, 1x RsCH Jr. There are five finished champions in his immediate pedigree. I appreciate everyone who has asked about him, but he is not for sale at this time. He's a really friendly buck. See his dam on the Senior Does Page 2 and his sire on Senior Bucks Page 1.  

Update 7/13: We have five new buck kids and one doe kid out of Werewolf. Their dams are Dragonfly, Cherry, Blossom and Melody.

Werewolf will be shown in May at the Heartland show in Norman, OK and he will be leaving from there for his new home in Texas.


Chinook Winds LOTR Lemony Snicket   3-3-05   Polled!    Pedigree   Not For Sale

2x 2nd in Senior Buck class right behind Pride Of Texas Speedy Gonzalez


Sire: PGCH CHW DH Lord Of The Rings, 5x GCH Buck, 4x RsCH Buck, 3x GCH JR, 2005 NDGA National Champion Buck


Dam: Twin Creeks BW Peach Champagne, 1x RsCH Dry Doe


Sire's Sire: MCH/PGCH Green Gate Dragon Heart Dam's Sire: MCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S
SPGS: Piddlin Acres Disco Dance *S (MCH Twin Creeks Baywatch ++*S x MCH Piddlin Acres Doe C Doe *D)

DPGS: Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S (Inavale All That Jazz x MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink's Pixie *D)

SPGD: Lost Valley Macey (MCH Goodwood Tahoe +*S x 4S Samantha *D) DPGD: MCH Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles *D (Storybook Domino x Piddlin Acres Shamrock)
Sire's Dam: Twin Creeks BH Miata *D, 1x RsCH Senior Doe, 1x GCH Dry Doe, 1x GCH Jr, 1x RsCH Jr Dam's Dam: Piddlin Acres Sheila 2*D, 1x GCH Senior, 1x RsCH Senior
SMGS: Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S (Inavale All That Jazz x MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink's Pixie *D) DMGD: Piddlin Acres Shortchange *S (MCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S x MCH Piddlin Acres Doe C Doe *D)
SMGD: Chisholm Trail Mercedes (MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S x Chisholm Trail Holiday Jewel) DMGD: MCH Piddlin Acres Neon Moon *D (Piddlin Acres Neon Deoin x Piddlin Acres Midnight Star)
I love this buck. From the time he was born, he was the most precious thing to me, and he knows it! He's spoiled rotten which makes him quite a handful if you aren't doing just what he wants to do. We really can't show him. He fights you constantly. He has his dam's wonderfully loving, friendly, funny personality. As a baby, he was already showing excellent conformation, winning his 0-3 month class. I love his pedigree as well, all the excellent Piddlin Acres and Twin Creeks animals he is line bred on. He goes back to ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S three times in his immediate pedigree and Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S four times. He is also line bred on MCH Piddlin Acres Doe C Doe. Snick is wide and deep throughout, with great spring of rid. He is long bodied and level. He has nice dairy character and angulation. He stands on correct feet and legs. To top it off, he is polled! 

Update 4-21-13 at just past 8 years old, Snick's first kids have been born. Their dam is CHW BW Blueberry Hill and the buck kid, CHW LS Lemon Drop Kid, is polled and blue-eyed. The doe kid, CHW LS Strawberry Fields, is only blue-eyed. They are both being retained. 

1/14: At almost 9 years old, I am not going to sell Snick away from this birth home. He will remain here.


ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S  MCH/PGCH Green Gate Dragon Heart MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S PGCH CHW DH Lord Of The Rings

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