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***Last Updated 8-3-14***

In my description of my goats, I include negative as well as positive attributes. I'm not a judge but I try to describe them honestly to the best of my ability. There are no prefect goats, but you can correct flaws with careful breeding. I think by reading these detailed descriptions you should be able to tell if a goat can fit into your herd or not.

Although I don't have pictures on the website, I have pictures of all the goats on my iphone that I can send to anybody. I can also send video. Just text me at 901-604-1329.

Please note that a $100 non-refundable deposit is required per goat to hold them and is only good for a month, no longer, unless agreed upon prior to receiving the deposit. All money paid toward the purchase of goats is non-refundable.

Read our Sales Policy page before contacting us about purchasing a goat. Also please read our first time buyers' check list if you are getting a goat from us for the first time.

***We have our mini trailer for sale, which is great for goats as well as miniature horses.***

 Our friends can ask me about any of the goats and I might sell them. 

Junior Does


CHW Sal's Jelly Bean $350-sold (Little Tot's Estate Salsola x CHW BW Salt Water Taffy) This doe is very wide and deep throughout with great dairy character. Open but can be bred now.


CHW Sal's Katniss $350-sold (Little Tot's Estate Salsola x CHW BW Snapdragon) This chamoise doe is very long bodied and refined. She is open but can be bred now.

First Fresheners


CHW BTBW Brandy $400 (MCH/PGCH CHW DH Born To Be Wild x Twin Creeks BW Peach Champagne) She is open now but can be bred again now. 


CHW GR Serafina Pekkala $400, 1x GCH Junior (GCH CHW BW Ghost Rider x Twin Creeks DJ Spellbound) She is open now but can be bred again now. 


Senior Does

CHW CJS Gold Dubloons $350 (CHW BW Capt. Jack Sparrow x CHW CBM Heart Of Gold) Goldy kidded 3-15-13 with 2 does and a buck. I wasn't there when she kidded and found one dead doe that looked to have been laid on. Goldy has great length of body and very nice width. She has sharp shoulders and tight withers. I think she would make a nice show doe. This is her second kidding. I am retaining her doe kid for now. It's time to breed her again.

Junior Bucks 

Any born that are herdsire quality will be available. We're not wanting to keep any. I don't even want to be tempted to keep any. So for that reason, any does that kids with just a single buck kid, or worse, twin bucklings, will be for sale with the kids, as a package deal.

CHW WOL Lon Chaney $300 Very friendly and correct blue-eyed and polled buckling out of CHW BTBW Cherry Garcia and CHW #9's Werewolf Of London. Solid black with white tail.

CHW WOL Bela Legosi $250 Pretty friendly and correct blue-eyed buckling. Solid black and staying small. Littermate to above buckling.

CHW WOL Boris Karlof $150 Solid black and neither blue-eyed or polled. 


CHW WOL Zombie Apocalypse, GCH Jr Buck, $300-sold Beautiful buckskin and white buckling. Very long bodied, stretchy, dairy and correct. Also very friendly. Sire is Werewolf Of London. Dam is CHW SG Merrie Melody. 

Senior Bucks

I'm willing to sell almost any that somebody wants. Just look through our list of bucks and make an offer. I want them to go to good homes where they will be well cared for, used some and shown some.


CHW #9's Werewolf Of London $450-Sold to Michael Garwood and Lynn McAdoo 2x GCH Jr, blue-eyed and polled (Chisholm Trail Love Potion #9 x CHW AR Once In A Blue Moon)


CHW BTBW CC Ryder $250(MCH/PGCH CHW Born To Be Wild x Pride Of Texas Morning Star, 2x GCH Dry Doe) Red gold with some white. He is very long bodied and dairy. He is on the tall side though. Although we have measured him under 23" recently we measured him at 23.25". So too tall for NDGA but okay for AGS/ADGA. He just placed 3rd in his 1st AGS show. He is a very friendly, easy to handle buck. 

CHW SG Warlock $250 Polled (Pride Of Texas Speedy Gonzalez x Twin Creeks Spellbound) Beautiful black and tan buckskin buck. This buck has very sharp withers and tight shoulders. He has an incredibly full, long beard. Unfortunately he is too tall to be shown. He is always worked up when your are handling him and he usually measures 24".


(see Buck Kids page)

Wethers are free to good homes with the purchase of a buck and/or doe. Otherwise, they are $50-100. 

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 Please make checks or money orders payable to 

Sherri Jones and mail to 9987 Tracy Road, Atoka, TN  38004. 

With personal checks, a two week period is required for them to clear the bank.          

Or I can accept payments through paypal at If paying through paypal, please include all fees in your payment, the 3% plus the 30 cents per transaction fee. 

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If you need to contact us, email is still the best way. 

Texting 901-604-1329 is a quicker way to get a response during the week when I'm at work.



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