Peter Stone 

Foundation Quarter Horses


OOAK Damien

OOAK Polar Shift

Bob The Brindle

Bob The Brindle glossy 2010                "Deadly Nightshade" Quarter Horse

3rd at Equilocity 2014 in Quarter Horse Stallions Rare Stone


From a run of 6 with a pulled mane and a refined tail. What a beautiful model! Better photos coming. This are just from my iphone.

OOAK Polar Shift glossy Dec. 2012         "Avalanche" Appaloosa/Mustang cross

I won this model in the Christmas Best Offer Sale. It has a long sculpted mane and a long, split forelock. There is keyhole detail to the tail. The hooves are striped. This is an OOAK version of White River in my opinion. From what I can tell, the only difference is the color of the mane and tail, being solid black on my model. Better photos coming. These are just from my iphone.

OOAK Damien glossy 1-18-13    "Reckless Dan" Quarter horse   2x NAN qualified

SHCF 2014-1st in Quarter Horse Stallions 

Equilocity 2014-Overall Reserve Champion Rare Stone, Division Champion Stock Breeds, 1st in Quarter Horse Stallions


Beautiful gray brindle. Something I was going to ask for on one of my YCIs, but wasn't able to since it is limited to three now. So I snatched this one up right away. Looked like the very color and pattern I wanted. Repositioned into a gallop with a peg for support. Carved ears and nostrils. Tail is remade longer and fuller.