Peter Stone

Traditional Ponies


OOAK Markoff Truman OOAK McTavish OOAK Derwyn
  Blind Date  Hecate  


Truman 12-13 glossy     "Catching Fire"-Quarter Pony 

NANed at Equilocity 2014, 1st in Rare Stone American Ponies

Grand Champion of Pony Breeds Division at Equilocity 2014


A run of beautiful chestnut brindle ponies from the December Warehouse sale. Customized with braided mane and tail. It has a white lip spot and one coronet. There are metallic gold highlights in the paint. 

OOAK McTavish glossy 3-13                                 "Lemony Snicket" POA 


I won this model in the March Best Offer Sale. It's a palomino leopard appaloosa with blue eyes. It has a highly customized mane and forelock blowing backwards. It has carved ears and nostrils. It has haloed appy spots, striped hooves and a mottled muzzle.

OOAK Markoff 2012 glossy       NAN qualified             "Born To Be Wild"


He is customized with a  long mane and forelock with lots of added hair details, leg feathers, and swishing tail with lots of added hair details. He has haloed appy spots and striped hooves. I bought him from Susan Phillips. My favorite pony and one of my favorite models.

OOAK Derwyn  glossy painted and signed by Karen Zorn   6-22-12     "Blue Moon"-POA


Blue roan appaloosa with dark blue eyes. He is customized with a tucked and straightened head, a braided mane and a braided swishing tail. He has pencil detail on the light and dark colored hooves, with mottled skin, ghost spots and haloed appy spots. Signed and dated by the artist. Purchased from Stone Direct.

Blind Date matte 2006  painted by Myla Pearce  "Spirit In The Sky"-POA gelding

NANed at Equilocity 2014, 2nd in American Ponies Regular Run


This gelding has a heavily customized mane and tail, striped hooves with ermines, unique appy spots, beautiful shading, Signed and dated by the artist. I think the total number produced in this run was 30. I know only one was glossed unfortunately. Purchased from Kathleen Rittenhouse. 

Hecate glossy 2008                               "Wildfire"-POA gelding


This gelding is from a run of 30 with pinned ears, turned head, customized mane, forelock and tail that are beautifully shaded, striped hooves, haloed appy spots, and dark ear tips. I love this pony.