Peter Stone


Peebles and Chips


LHS 2013 Glossy Trophy Model (sold) with my Overall Grand Champion of OOAK/LTD Stone, YCI Valentino

This is quickly becoming my favorite mold. I will still buy any leopard appaloosa I see for sale on this mold, even though I have gotten way too picky to just purchase any on any other mold.

OOAK Mittens Pebbles OOAK Blowing Kisses Chips OOAK Tachete Peebles Gigi Peebles
DAP 2014 Calling Mare Pebbles in Few Spot Appy DAC018 Chips in Strawberry roan SHCF 2014 glossy trophy model For Sale Offers or $60 DAP 2014-PM215-extreme long tail in Few Spot Appy
DAP 2014 PM303 in snowflake Appy DAP 2014 PM 335 in Classic Appy YCI Proud Mary OOAK Lea
Equilocity matte trophy model For Sale Offers or $70 OOAK Sunspots OOAK Calling Mare OOAK Yolanda
OOAK By The Light Of The Moon      


OOAK Lea matte 2014               "Serafina Pekkala"   Araloosa Mare


I won this model in the Equilocity Exquisite auction. I decided last second to bid on her and got her. She features a very customized windblown mane and forelock, and a very long, twitching tail. She is painted a pretty leopard appaloosa pattern with pinking and a pearlized mane and tail. The ears are carved. 

You Call It Proud Mary glossy 2014      NANed        Araloosa Mare

2nd at Equilocity 2014 Other Part Arabians Rare Stone


I asked for this model to be painted the coloring and pattern of OOAK Natcham, an Arabian yearling, that I have always regretted not buying. All the white areas are have etching. The spots are haloed and the hooves are striped. There is roaning and mottling.

OOAK Sunspots glossy 2014                        "Heart Of Gold" Araloosa Mare


A beautiful palomino leopard appaloosa with haloed spots and a long tail. Painted a unique leopard appaloosa pattern with striped hooves and a pealized mane and tail. The tail is customized very long. 

OOAK By The Light Of The Moon glossy 2014      "Moonshadow" Araloosa Mare


Painted a unique leopard appaloosa pattern very similar to Sunspots, above, which I purchased at the same time. This model has striped hooves and pinking. The tail is customized wavy. 

OOAK Yolanda glossy 2012                           "Lyra Belaqua"   POA Mare


This model features haloed, irregular shaped spots on a gray leopard appaloosa pattern. The mane, tail and hooves are shaded a golden color. The tail is twitched and split at the end. The mane is customized shorter and only on the one side.

OOAK Calling Mare matte                             "Luna Lovegood"  POA Mare


This model features a near leopard appaloosa pattern. The mane and tail are pearlized. The mouth is customized open with nose wrinkles. The mane is customized long. The head is turned and raised. The tail is twitched up and out to the side and is split.

DAP Extreme Long Tail  PM215  2014 glossy                      "Katniss"   Araloosa Mare


Done in few spot Appaloosa pattern. This model features carved ears, a custom mane, and a long, customized tail.

DAP Calling Mare #PM258 2014 glossy                     "Hermione" Araloosa Mare


This was a limited edition run of 15, customized as a calling mare with an open mouth, a turned and raised head, the mane collected on one side, carved ears and nose detail and a swishing tail with lots of extra detailing.  I asked for mine done in the few spot Appaloosa pattern with blue eyes. I'm very pleased with it. The paint job is really pretty and the customization is really nice.

OOAK Tachete glossy 2011                            "Tupelo Honey"-Araloosa


This beautiful model is customized with a turned head, a swishing tail and twitched ears. It comes with a detachable dragonfly. 

Gigi Peebles matte 2009     would only trade for a glossy that's also in lsq condition   "Bint-El-Nil" (Daughter Of The Nile)-Araloosa mare


This mare is from a run of 150, but it has nice extras: haloed appy spots, striped hooves, beautifully shaded mane and tail. Purchased from Stone's ebay store. LSQ

OOAK Mittens  glossy Dec. 2012    Araloosa mare-Aziza (dear)   POA mare-Blizzard


   I won this model in the Christmas Best Offer Sale. Customized by Jackie Turner with a completely remade mane and tail blowing forward. The tail has keyhole detail. Ghost spots and striped hooves.

OOAK Blowing Kisses matte  painted by Corina Engrissei July 2011    Araloosa stallion-Amir (ruler)

NAN qualifed at LHS 2013 in part Arabians


This hand penciled bay leopard appaloosa has a heavily customized long sculpted blowing mane and a sweeping tail, beautiful shading, hand penciled hair detail, haloed spots, striped hooves, shaded mane and tail. Purchased from Stone Direct. I wanted it glossed but they were afraid the detail would be lost. This is another I feel is irreplaceable. LSQ

DAC018 2013 glossy       "Strawberry Fields Forever"-Arabian Stallion


This 30 piece run featured a customized mane and tail that is blowing and split at the end with added details. The head is slightly tipped. I asked for mine to be done in strawberry roan. Really like the customization and pretty paint job.

DAH Long Mane and Curled Tail PM292 2014 glossy      "Wild Blue Yonder" Mustang/Appaloosa Mare


I asked for this one to be painted blue dun with the appaloosa pattern added and blue eyes.

Resting Foot Mare PM 303

I asked for mine to be painted in the snowflake appaloosa pattern.

Equilocity Reserve Champion Trophy Model 2014 matte    For Sale $70


Stone Horse Country Fair Grand Champion Trophy Model 2014 glossy   For Sale $60