Peter Stone

Traditional Palouses




OOAK Spots On The Run

OOAK Spots On The Run glossy  Nov. 2010    "Galaxy"-Walkaloosa


This is factory customized as a walkaloosa with haloed appy spots, mottling, speckling, striped hooves with ermines. It is has a remade stance with a customized mane and tail.

From Stone Direct. Unfortunately this model had two places in the gloss that seemed to be where it was wrapped in bubble wrap while still tacky. I sent it in to be repaired and that looks fine, but there is a white spot on one of the black ear tips that wasn't there when I sent it in. Maybe I'm too picky, but I look them over the second I unwrap them and every little flaw really bothers me. Also I'm afraid to stand it up. It seems way too tipsy. 

Sierra glossy 2008                                    "Lady Marmalade"-Appaloosa Sport Horse


This mare is from an EFCM Run of 35. It is a beautiful bay appaloosa has a heavily customized mane and tail, both beautifully shaded, striped hooves, and haloed appy spots. Purchased from Amanda Dionne. LSQ