List last updated 8-20-14

My Wish List: These are models I want to buy, or will trade for. Mostly I am looking for LSQ OOAK or run OF Peter Stone brindles in matte or glossy; and OF OOAK leopard appaloosas in glossy with all the extras: haloed appy spots, ghost spots, extreme customized mane and tail with added details, carved ear and nose detail, striped hooves, ermines, and mottling and pretty shading. The mold I'm most interested in collecting right now is the Peebles Arabian, so I'm more flexible with that mold.

I am very interested in finding models customized as Fell Ponies, or finding someone willing to do some for me.

I have a list of OF Breyer models at the bottom of the page.

I do collect a few customized plastics. I am mostly interested in these molds: Grettel, Alborozo, Nokota and Salinero. I am looking for a Salinero with the grey star like dappling and lightening bars. I am looking for a leopard appaloosa Nokota. 

In resins I am only interested in leopard appaloosas, brindles and Friesians. I am mostly looking for these molds: Otto, Fabrizio, Mini Scarlett

Thanks to everybody who has helped me out with these models so far. Here's what I'm still looking for:

Models I want so badly I'll take matte or glossy:

Drafter: La Cumbre

Chips Quarterhorse: Mini Me Reno, SHCF 2005 Helper's Model

Chips Friesians: Fruitcake

Models I want if glossy:

Peebles Warmblood: Suwannee Sam

Peter Stone Traditional Warmblood: Suwannee Sam, Artic Blast

Peebles Quarter Horse: Deacon's Dude in glossy only

Models I might be interested in if the price is right:

Pony: Hector, Harry, Jorge and Three Bears 

Trotters: Armstrong, Lucien, Bergen 

ISH: Jericho, Bentley, Cosmo, Desinger Spots

Windswept Arabian: Omar, Sullah, Wazir 

Chips Arabian: Peach Pie, Mini Me Omar, Mini Me Sullah, Mini Me Wazir

Breyer: Flurry, Icicle, Pink Magnum, Maximux, Trait Du Nord, Roy Belgian Brabant, Levi, Equinox.