Model Horse Collection

Last Updated 8-23-14

On this page you will mainly find my OF Peter Stone model horse collection, which consists mostly of OOAKs and EFCM models, and most often leopard appaloosas and brindles. My collection has gotten large enough that most of the different molds each have their own page. 

I also have started collecting customized Breyer models and artist resins and they are listed here also.

10/13 We have attended our first model horse show, the Little Horse Show at the Stone Factory, and the models' winnings are listed on their individual pages.

If any model has a price in red next to them, they are for sale. Models with next to them are either currently NAN qualified or previously NANed.

 Click here for my wish list of models that I am looking to purchase and might be willing to trade for.

All my roan DAH Chips-strawberry, bay, red, blue, chocolate and palomino

Peebles Arabians




Standing Drafters


OOAK Sunspots

OOAK By The Light Of The Moon


OOAK Yolanda

OOAK Mittens

OOAK Tachete

DAH 2014 Calling Mare in Few Spot Appy

DAH 2014 Long Tail Mare in Few Spot Appy

DAH 2014 Blue Dun Appy

2014 SHCF Glossy Grand Champion model

2014 Equilocity Reserve Champion model

YCI EFCM 2014 Proud Mary

OOAK McTavish

OOAK Derwyn

OOAK Markoff

Blind Date 



Chips Ponies

OOAK Minion 

OOAK Scribbles 

OOAK Rollin' 

DAC Scratching Pony in Snowflake Appaloosa

OOAK Chip Pony from Equilocity 2014

Equilocity OOAK Grey Ghost

OOAK Test Brindle ISH by Ed Gonzalez



OOAK Lafourche $195

OOAK Natchitoches $195


Don't Fence Me In For Sale $200

USS Arizona

YCI EFCM Windswept ISH in Blue Roan Appaloosa

YCI EFCM Windswept ISH in Red Roan Appaloosa

DAH Peppermint Crunch ISh in classic Appaloosa

Julianne's Jet

Breyer Totillas by Sheila Bishop to Knapstrupper "Morwen"

Breyer Halflinger by Sheila Bishop to POA "Polka Dot"

Stone ISH by Kathy McKenzie to Andalusian/Lusitano

Breyer Alborozo by Kathy McKenzie to Spanish Jennett

Breyer Bouncer by Deb Brown to brindle

Salenerno by Kathy McKenzie to Knapstrupper

Nokota by Lauren Hoeffer Tapley to Mustang $175

Esprit by Debra Williams to Spanish Jennett

Breyer Gretel to Norweigian Fjord

Breyer Zenyatta to bay and white brindle by Debra Williams

OOAK Stevie



OOAK Blasket Mist

Trotting Drafters 

OOAK Sullivan



DAH  Windswept 2014 coming soon in bay roan



Chips Drafters

Traditional Arabians

Chips Stock Horses



OOAK 869 

OOAK 637





OOAK YCI Valentino

Mini Me La Cumbre

Mini Me Helsinki 

Spice Cake 

DAC Long Mane and Tail in sooty buckskin

DAC Long Mane and Tail in black coming soon

OOAK Dragoon from Equilocity

DAC Windblown LE 2012 in blue roan

DAC LE turned head 2013 chocolate roan For Sale $94

DAC Windswept 2013 in palomino roan

OOAK Azimuth 



OOAK 853

Chips Arabians

OOAK Blowing Kisses 

DAH 2013 windswept Arab

Yearling Arabians

OOAK Sweetheart from Equilocity 2014

Newsprint For Sale $38

Berry #1 

Berry #2 

DAC Windswept LE 2012 in Red Roan

Chips Cutting Horses

LHS run in Grulla

Chips Cutting Steer

Pink Jasper Calf


OOAK Sir Spots A Lot 

O' Callahan

OOAK Marco $192

DAH Windswept in Frosty Dun coming soon


Quarter Horses




Chips Andalucians

Bob The Brindle 

OOAK Polar Shift

OOAK Damien

Jelli Baby and Toot Sweet by Adalee Hude to leopard Appaloosas

HA Cheyenne resin by Sue Thompson painted by Dani Schacht

AA mini Fjord by Donna Chaney to Fell pony by Kim Swanson-Wice

OOAK Littlefield

OOAK Laurelyn

OOAK 1230 

OOAK Resta

Confetti Baby DAH

Equilocity OOAK Rings Of Saturn

DAH 2013 Windswept with extreme saddlebred tail in Spot Me An Appy pattern


Cookies N Cream

Sir Percival 

Newsprint For Sale $55




Chips Rearing Horse:

Chips Friesians

Tennessee Walking Horses

Peebles Running Horse

 OOAK Spots On The Run 



DAC 2013 extreme mane in blue dun

OOAK Hennessey For Sale $125

2013 DAH FCM Twist Tail bay roan

2013 DAH Twist Tail on Base frosty dun

2013 DAH twist tail chocolate roan

Tennessee Kid

OOAK Cortez


Deacon's Dude

Performance Horses

You Call Its

Other Breyer Customs



OOAK Appaloosa Decorator 


Western Pleasure Horse

Fortune Teller



YCI Out Of The Blue-2014 EFCM ISH painted to blue roan blanket appaloosa

YCI Wildfire-2014 EFCM ISH painted to chestnut roan leopard appaloosa

YCI Proud Mary-2014 EFCM Pebbles Arabian mare painted like OOAK Natcham

YCI Valentino- 2012 EFCM Chips Drafter to Friesian Stallion



"Tuni" the pot bellied pig by Donna PZ13

PM303 Resting Foot Peebles Arabian Mare in Snowflake Appy

PM335 Pebbles Arabian in Classic Appy

Pebbles Arabian gelding in Buckskin Appy

Pebbles Arabian in Dunalino Appy 

DAC Mariah Drafter in seal bay with badger face

DAC Mariah Drafter in black tobiano with badger face

DAC Long Mane and Tail drafter in solid black

Windswept Thoroughbred in Frosty Dun with dapples

Windswept Trotting Drafter in Bay Roan with dapples

Windswept ISH Mare in Snowflake Appaloosa and Appaloosa pattern 

Prince ISH in Buckskin Appaloosa

Back Home In Indiana ISH in Spot Me An Appy 

Breyer OF Traditionals

 Breyer OF Classics

I can accept payments through paypal at this address, If paying by paypal, please include all fees in your payment, the 2.9% fee plus the 30 cents per transaction fee. I also accept money orders and checks. If paying by check, there will be a two week waiting period. I don't mind people emailing and making me offers on my models. I may be willing to sell the one you are interested in, or trade if you have one I really want more. You never know if you don't ask. 

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