Peter Stone 

Traditional  Standing Drafters


OOAK Koch-sold

OOAK Stevie

OOAK Blasket Mist



OOAK Stevie glossy 2011 painted by Carolyn Boydston  NAN qualified   "Willie Wonka" Italian Heavy Draft


This model is a beautiful chocolate roan with corn spots painted and signed by Carolyn Boydston. He is customized by Jackie Turner with a completely remade mane and tail blowing forward with extensive, finely crafted hair detail. He has carved ear and nose detail. He came with two NAN cards where Susan Phillips showed him. 

OOAK Blasket Mist matte 2007    "Silver Bells"  Noriker stallion

NANed at Equilocity 2014, 2nd in European Draft

This beautiful grey brindle stallion is from the 2007 December Warehouse Sale. The mane and tail are both customized long and straight. This is one of my dream models. I'm just so sorry that it wasn't glossed. 

Gus matte 2009     previously NAN Qualified        Noriker     


This run of stallions has all the extras: haloed spots, striped hooves, customized long, loose tail, both mane and tail are beautifully shaded, carved ear detail. The number produced is not known. 

Ingemani matte 2005                              "Fintan" Noriker Stallion


This beautiful chestnut leopard appaloosa stallion is numbered 18 of 30 and has a heavily customized mane and tail, blowing forward. The spots are haloed. The hooves, nostrils, eyes and lips are glossed. It's not known how many stallions were made, but most were mares, and the total number of both sexes produced was 30.