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OOAK Minion

OOAK Scribbles

OOAK Rollin'

OOAK from Equilocity warehouse sale 2014 DAC Scratching pony in snowflake appaloosa

Winged Cupid in Valentine pink


OOAK Minion glossy painted by Sheila Anderson Bishop May 2011 webcast    2x NANed

"Peppermint Patty"-British Spotted Pony

1st in British Ponies Rare Stone Equilocity 2014

Reserve Champion LTD/OOAK OF Stone  LHS 2013

3rd in overall collectibility LHS 2013

1st in British Ponies Rare Stone LHS 2013



This model is a chocolate palomino appaloosa with dapples. It is customized with a tucked head, a resculpted mane all on the right side of neck, and a swishing tail. It has extensive hand etched hair details and appaloosa pattern. The detail to this pattern is unbelievable. It has etching everywhere: in the mane, tail, the appy spots, the blaze. It also has beautiful shading on the body and the mane and tail. This model is absolutely beautiful. It is my favorite chip. It would be impossible to replace it in my opinion. I purchased it from Stone Direct after it went back up for sale after the webcast winner changed their mind. I couldn't believe my luck there.

OOAK Scribbles glossy painted by Corina Engrissei May 2011 "Suzy Q"-British Shetland Pony

3rd at Equilocity 2014 in British Ponies Rare Stone


This beautiful roan pony has hand etched hair flow lines. It has beautiful shading on the body and mane and tail. It's extras include corn spots, a dorsal stripe, and a pink snip with kissy spots. What a surprise the detail in this model was to me! My second favorite chip. Absolutely not for sale. I feel it is irreplaceable. Purchased from Stone Direct.

OOAK Rollin' matte 2008 previously NAN qualified        "Cecilia" British Shetland pony



NAN qualified

This model is an extreme make over, customized into a rolling position with a completely remade mane and tail. An what a beautiful paint job. I love this model. It's another I couldn't stand to part with. I was lucky enough to see this on MHSP. Absolutely not for sale. Irreplaceable to me. I believe there are only the two customized this way.

OOAK From Equilocity Warehouse Sale 2014 matte  British Spotted Pony "Blossom"


Painted a few spot leopard appaloosa with no customization. 

DAC030 2014 Scratch That Itch glossy   British Spotted Pony  "Feeling Groovy"


I asked for this to be done in the snowflake appaloosa pattern with a blaze and 2 coronets and 2 low whites. I wanted to see how closely the customization resembles the OOAK pony, Rollin, I have, which is shown above. It's not nearly as detailed.

DAC028 The Cupid Pegasus glossy 2014    "Pink Floyd"


I asked for mine to be done in the limited edition valentine pink color with blue eyes.