Breyer and Peter Stone

Updated 8-30-14

Breyer Halflinger by Sheila Bishop Breyer Totilas by Sheila Bishop Breyer Bouncer by Deb Brown Breyer Celtic Salinerno by Kathy McKenzie
Stone ISH by Kathy McKenzie Breyer Alborozo by Kathy McKenzie Breyer Nokota by Lauren Hoeffer Tapley $190 Breyer Esprit by Debra Williams
Breyer Halflinger to Norweigan Fjord Breyer Zenyatta by Debra Williams    


Breyer Bouncer by Deb Brown


Painted to a beautiful dark bay brindle by Deb Brown. This is one of my favorite molds and brindle is my favorite pattern, so of course, I love this model.

Breyer Classic Halflinger by Sheila Bishop        "Polka Dot" POA/Fell cross mare  7/2013 

NANed-2nd at Equilocity 2014 in Custom Other Pure/Mix Pony Breeds




This is my holy grail of customs so far. It's an incredibly beautiful model with incredible detailing. She was painted to go with the Knapstrupper shown below, as part of a circus set. I can't wait to show her this year. 

Breyer Tortilas by Sheila Bishop to Knapstrupper 2013       "Morwen" Knapstrupper stallion


Another beautiful custom by the super talented Sheila Bishop. This model was painted to go with Polka Dot as part of a circus set. Sheila made the base for it so that it is very stable now. I can't wait to show him. Sheila took him to one show before I got him. 

Breyer Celtic Salinerno by Kathy McKenzie     "Lord Of The Rings" Knapstrupper Gelding

NANed-2nd in Custom Warmbloods at Equilocity 2014


Stone ISH Custom by Kathy McKenzie to Andalusian/Lusitano


He has a very long custom mane, forelock and tail and a Roman nose with carved ear and nostril detail. Beautiful dappling. Two striped hooves with white socks. The socks and the blaze have mapped markings. The eyes, nostrils and hooves are glossed.

Alborozo to Spanish Jennett by Kathy McKenzie 2008        "Kaleidoscope"-Spanish Jennet


Signed and dated by the artist. The nostrils and and hooves are glossed. Beautiful shading on the mane and tail. 

Breyer Nokota painted by Lauren Hoeffer Tapley 2007 For Sale $190  "Ghost Dancer"   Mustang  Previously NANed



Signed and dated by the artist. This model has mapped markings and blue eyes. The mane, tail and nostrils are glossed. It has pinking in all the appropriate areas. The hooves are wonderfully done. He came with four NAN cards in halter. 

Breyer Esprit painted by Debra Williams, Mystic Horse Studios 2010  "Kokopelli"-Tiger Horse


Signed and dated by the artist this model has beautiful coloring and shading. Striped hooves that are glossed. Nostrils are glossed. Pink skin and mottling around muzzle and eyes. 

Breyer Zenyetta to bay and white brindle by Debra Williams 2014