Peter Stone 

Traditional Arabians

Including Yearlings

Updated 8-30-14 

OOAK Mob Scene by Sheila Anderson Bishop-sold

OOAK Azimuth



OOAK 853

Muse glossy 2008                 "Shareek" (partner)-Araloosa


This stallion is from a run of 100. It a beautiful chestnut appaloosa with haloed appy spots, striped hooves with ermines, and a  beautifully shaded mane and tail. Purchased from Laurre Breman. LSQ

OOAK Azimuth glossy 2009  "Fareed" (unique)-Araloosa   2x NANed

SHCF 2014-1st in Part Arabians Rare Stone

Equilocity 2014-1st Other Part Arabians Rare Stone


This stallion is one of my ultimate models! I can't believe I was lucky enough to purchase it. It's leopard appaloosa pattern is unique. It has a heavily customized mane and tail. The mane is split on both sides, fuller and blowing forward. The tail is short and flipping. Both the mane and tail are beautifully shaded. It has very detailed striped hooves with ermines. It has very detailed stallion anatomy. Carved ear and nostril detail, as well as some muzzle wrinkles and added skin wrinkles where the front legs meet the chest. Signed OOAK PSC '09. Purchased from Laurre Breman. My favorite traditional model. LSQ

OOAK #853 glossy May 2010                   "Al-wahed" (the only one)-Araloosa


This stallion has a remade long forelock, flipping tail, detailed bridal path, haloed spots, ghost spots, striped hooves with ermines and mottling. From a Stone ebay auction. LSQ

Chocoholic glossy April 2011                            "Gameel" (handsome)-Araloosa    


This stallion is from a very limited run of 5. It's a beautiful bay blanket appaloosa with lots of speckling and roaning, striped hooves with ermines, and is customized with a swishing tail. The bay has metallic highlights. I love the colors of this model. Purchased from Stone Direct. LSQ

OOAK Sweetheart matte 2014


I purchased this model at the Equilocity Warehouse sale.