AGS/NDGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats 

Since 1999

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Protect your goats with livestock guard dogs. We have two Anatolian Shepherds, Voldemort and Bellatrix LeStrange. We also have a Great Pyrenees, Scarlett.

Please click here and read before emailing us about buying goats. Please bring collars and leashes and other relevant items when picking up goats such as crates, tarps, bungees, shavings, hay, water, etc. Whatever you need to safely transport them, please have with you when you come to pick them up.

No I want sell a goat for meat and I won't sell one goat to somebody if you don't have any others. 

Herd Highlights

I consider our herd closed since we haven't purchased any new goats in several years. We are in the process of reducing our herd size considerably due to my mother's health issues and the terrible economic climate. I absolutely won't sell any for meat or to a sell barn where I don't know what their fate will be. I have kept a large number of bucks due to my belief that they wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for me and therefore I am responsible for them. I believe I should take care of them and I do. I only offer the best for sale.

We bought our first Nigerians in early 1999 from Twin Creeks, Chisholm Trail, and Ponders End because I knew from the beginning that I wanted show quality goats. I was lucky enough to stumble across the best herds in the country via the internet. Later that year we added more  from Piddlin Acres in Texas. We have continued to add goats from these herds through the years. Some other top herds represented here are Goodwood, Lost Pines, Green Gate, Woodhaven Farms, Lost Valley,  and Pride Of Texas. Almost all our goats are descended from the excellent Texas genetics of Goodwood and Willows/Willow Creek. All our goats are out of Master Champion, Permanent Grand Champion, ARMCH, and/or production award bloodlines. 

One herd highlight was being able to purchase MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S in 2001 from Carol Fleck of Chisholm Trail. We will always be grateful to Carol for Tex. Even though he passed away in 2005, he will always have a big impact on our herd. Another buck with a huge impact on our herd is MCH/PCGH Green Gate Dragon Heart who we purchased as a kid and successfully campaigned to Master Champion status in 2002 and the Permanent Grand Champion status in 2007. In January of 2006, we saw the most welcome addition to our herd of ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S, one of the top herdsires of the Nigerian Dwarf breed. We started using him right away and had kids sired by him start to arrive in June 2006. Sadly, Baywatch has now passed away. 

Although we have had several herd names represented here, we have actually bought our goats from very few breeders, these being breeders who buy and sell to each other and have herds known to be very healthy and disease free. Herds that are tested yearly for CAE with 100% negative results and no history of abcesses of any kind. We plan to start complete herd testing ourselves soon. We will test for CAE and CL, sending the samples to Washington State. When we receive the results, we will post them on the website. So far the goats we have sold have tested negative for CAE.

It is our goal to raise healthy, show quality goats. We have a few blue-eyed goats and several polled (naturally hornless) goats. Nigerians are very colorful and very friendly. Their small size and easy going  personalities make them great pets for the whole family. Even a small children can handle a Nigerian kid. They make great 4H projects for children. They produce a large amount of milk for their small size, with a high butter fat content. 

Our web site is set up so that you can see front, side, and rear photos of the goats, as well as photos of their sires and dams. We are working to get clipped, posed photos of all our goats. We try our best to describe them accurately, including weaknesses, not just their strengths, because no goat is perfect. We have our goats pedigrees listed five generations back on their individual pages, but you can click on the pedigree links to see the pedigrees further back. We also have as complete a list of their kiddings as we have records of. There are also udder links to click on to see enlarged, higher quality photos of our does' udders.

We guarantee our registered goats to be free of any disqualify faults in the show ring, except we do not guarantee height. We further guarantee our goats to be fertile, and will provide a refund, or a replacement animal, upon a written statement by an accredited veterinarian that the goat received adequate care by the purchaser and that the sterility is a genetic defect. All deposits are nonrefundable, except in the instances that the requested kid was not produced or the goat died. A $50 deposit will reserve an unborn kid from a specified breeding until 8 weeks. Otherwise a $100 deposit is required for kids and adults and will hold them for one month. Please read our sales policy before contacting us about purchasing a goat.

Please note that our kids are dam raised. We're sorry but we absolutely cannot bottle feed upon request. We only do it when necessary. Our kids will be dewormed, vaccinated, and disbudded (if not polled) and will be ready to go to new homes by 8-12 weeks of age. Our goats either come with their NDGA and AGS registration certificates or the forms to register them with both the American Goat Society and the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association. They can also be registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, but we don't supply those forms, since we don't register with ADGA. 

Please note that we do NOT milk our does. Many Nigerian breeders now milk their does twice daily as well as letting the kids nurse them to really increase their milk production for shows. But we simply do not have the time to do it, being gone more than twelve hours from the time we leave for work until the time we return. So you can see why our does can't compete with does that are being forced to produce so much. Ours have no reason to produce more than their kids need. So once they are a few days past kidding, their production will drop off. That being said, we have had some first places and a reserve grand, but stopped showing in milk years ago since we couldn't milk.

Our goats are still foremost our pets. So please tell us a little about yourself and your facilities for goats when inquiring about goats we have for sale. We feel sure that if you are an animal lover as well, you will be glad to take the time to reassure us that our goats would be going to a good home. 

We usually have wethers (neutered males) for sale at $50-100. Sometimes a female may only be suitable as a pet and then would be available to a very good home only. We have placed a few this way. They have gone to new homes with excellent families to love and care for them. When a goat is born that can't be shown or bred for some reason, we keep them and care for them here and try to honestly evaluate their quality of life. They wouldn't be born if it wasn't for us and they are our responsibility. Sometimes it may be kinder to have them humanely put to sleep by a veterinarian though and we do this when that is the case. We do not sell goats for meat nor do we take them to sale barns. If one is born here and nobody wants it, I keep it here all it's life. If you are looking for a goat to just be a pet, don't be afraid to ask us if we have any. But be prepared to answer some questions about your barn and fencing.


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