Livestock Guard Dogs

Last Updated 5-17-10


MoJo- Great Pyrenees male

Scarlett-mix Pyrenees female


Bellatrix Lestrange-smooth coat cream Anatolian Shepherd female

Voldemort-smooth coat fawn Anatolian Shepherd male

Hagrid (1/07-4/10)-rough coat fawn Anatolian Shepherd male-passed away April 2010




We now feel that nobody should buy goats without having some type of livestock guard animals in the pasture with them, whether it be dogs, llamas, or donkeys. We have had multiple buyers tell use about goats they bought from us being killed by dogs, and almost an unbelievable number of other goat owners tell us about dog attacks and dead or injuried goats. Even instances where they did have guard dogs with their goats, just not in every pasture. In every instance we have heard of, it was just peoples pet dogs running loose. That prompted us to buy three Anatolian puppies from Valerie Ciesynski of Piddlin Acres, to add to our two Pyrs. We wanted to make sure we have every goat pasture protected by a dog. We know we couldn't take loosing any of ours to a dog attack. We have also had people tell us about goats being stolen. Something I thought wouldn't happen since they are pretty much worthless without their registration papers. I think our dogs would attack a person that came in and started trying to chase down one of our goats to catch it.