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All deposits are non-refundable. A $50 deposit is required to reserve an unborn baby from the breedings listed below. A $100 deposit is required to hold a baby once born, or any adult goat. Payment in full is expected by the time the baby is weaning age, 8-10 weeks. We reserve the right to decide not to sell any of our kids. Of course, a full refund would be given in this case. In the case that the requested kid was not produced, or died, the deposit would be refunded, or can be applied to another kid, purchaser's choice. Please note, we do not have ultrasound capabilities here. Also, we do not bottle feed, unless necessary. 

In most instances goats will be dewormed the day before they leave our farm, their hooves trimmed, and their shots will also be updated then as well. 

Make checks or money orders payable and mail to: 

Sherri Jones, 9987 Tracy Road, Atoka, TN 38004-7526

Email: or

I can accept payments through paypal at this address If paying through paypal, please include all fees in your payments, the 3% plus the 30 cents per transaction fee. 


For sale now or after kidding. P-Polled. BE-Blue-eyed.  Reserved or sold.  Retained. -Show win. 

Highlighted cells are does that are bagging up, therefore obviously pregnant, or have kidded.

Nobody is bred now. I have pretty much decided to stop breeding my goats. So almost all bucks are for sale and a few does are for sale. We're trying to move out of state and it's hard to do that with 40 plus goats. Besides I was never really cut out to be a breeder. I get far too attached to them to be able to sell them. I want most of my girls to live out their lives here and a few of my boys.


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