Peter Stone 

Traditional  Ideal Stock Horses


OOAK Emira-sold

Seeker Reno Monroe YCI Out Of The Blue OOAK Test Brindle
USS Arizona OOAK Natchitoches-$195 OOAK Lafourche-$195 Don't Fence Me In-$200 OBO 2013 DAH Peppermint Crunch CM in classic appaloosa 
YCI Catching Fire DAH Prince in buckskin Appy-coming DAH Back Home in Indiana ISH in Spot Me An Appy-coming DAH Windswept Mare in snowflake Appaloosa-coming OOAK Grey Ghost
Julianne's Jet Boy Named Sue      



Grey Ghost glossy 2014


I won this model in the Equilocity Exquisite auction. I was determined to have him and got him for much lower than I was prepared to go, just $650. Aaron did the bidding for me. He reminds me of my OOAK Damien Quarter Horse. The tail is customized medium length, split and switching with lots fine hair detail. The mane is customized longer with fine hair detail, raised up away from the neck and blowing backwards slightly. He is a beautiful gray brindle pattern. 

YCI Out Of The Blue 2014 Glossy


YCI Wildfire 2014 Glossy



Seeker glossy 2009   "Dream Weaver"-Appaloosa gelding   NOT FOR SALE


This gelding is from an EFCM run for Stone Horses Country Fair. The total number is unknown. It has a heavily customized and shaded mane and tail, beautiful heavily spotted paint job, striped hooves and mottling. It is a portrait of Peter Stone's own horse. Purchased from Susan Phillips.

Don't Fence Me In glossy 2013
Reno glossy 2008   "Cinnamon Girl"-Appaloosa mare    NOT FOR SALE    3x NANed

SHCF 2014-1st in Appaloosa Regular Run

Equilocity 2014-2nd in Appaloosa Regular Run

previously NAN Qualified 

This mare is from an EFCM Run of 35 for Stone Horse Country Fair. It has a heavily customized mane and tail. The beautifully shaded mane is blowing upright. The skunk tail is flipping forward. It has small haloed appy spots and striped hooves. Purchased from Sherri Sansone, originally owned by Kellye Bussey. This model came with four expired NAN cards in halter. I'm still looking for a Mini Me Reno, if anybody has one to sell or trade.

OOAK Lafourche glossy 9/12   For Sale $195     Eomer-Quarter Horse Stallion




Really pretty bay roan with corn spots. Beautiful coloring, almost metallic. From Stone Direct.

OOAK Natchitoches glossy 9/12   For Sale $195


Customized with open mouth and muzzle wrinkles, and that's really why I bought it. Carved ear and nose detail. Haloed appy spots. From Stone Direct.

Monroe glossy 2011     "Cheap Trick" American Quarter Horse stallion


From a run, number unknown. Really pretty brindle pattern on a non-custom ISH.

OOAK Test Brindle ISH by Ed Gonzalez  2007 satin   "Led Zepplin" American Quarter Horse stallion

previously NAN qualified    


Beautiful brindle pattern on a non-custom ISH. Shaded mane and tail. Signed by the artist and Peter Stone. This model came with six expired NAN cards in halter.

Don't Fence Me In glossy  For Sale $240 OBO-I will seriously consider offers


Windswept ISH in bay with dapples. Bought this one at the auction after the Little Horse Show.
USS Arizona 12/13 glossy                   "Moondance" Colorado Ranger


A run from the December Warehouse Sale with beautiful coloring and shading and haled spots. Customized with a Morgan tail. I love this model. 

2013 DAH PM188 Peppermint Crunch Custom glossy   "Wild Thing"-Appaloosa/Mustang Cross


This Peppermint Crunch customization was offered in early October and featured carved ears and nose detail, a sculpted braided forelock, long swishing tail with added detail, and a windswept mane with added detail. I picked the classic appaloosa pattern for mine with the bald face and blue eyes and 2 low whites. It's very pretty although the coloration is much dark than shown on the website. I love the customization. I believe the total was $220.

DAH Prince ISH 2014 Glossy-coming

I asked for mine to be painted in Buckskin Appaloosa with a thin blaze, 2 coronets bands and multi eye.

DAH Back Home In Indiana ISH 2014 Glossy-coming

I asked for mine to be painted in the Spot Me An Appy pattern with blue eyes, bald face and 4 mismatched socks. 

DAH Windswept Mare 2014 Glossy-coming

I asked for mine to be painted in Snowflake Appaloosa with the Appaloosa pattern added, multi eye, badger face and 2 medium socks and 2 high socks. 

Boy Named Sue matte 2014


This pretty buckskin appaloosa was from a  run for the Stone Country Fair Warehouse Sale 2014. It features haloed spots, striped hooves, lots of mottling and pretty shading on a non-customized model. I just wish mine was glossy, but they were all gone before I could grab one.