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***Last Updated 12-3-13***

  Chinook Winds Farm Sales List  

Please note that almost all our bucks are for sale since I am no longer wanting to breed goats in a effort to be so we can move out of state in a few years. We have more bucks than does now, over 20. Most have never been used. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be. I have just been breeding very few over the last several year, since I was trying to talk myself into breeding altogether. I'm just not cut out to be a breeder. I get far too attached to sell them and I get crushed to death when a buyer tells me later that a goat died because dogs got in and killed them, or they got into the food and bloated and died, or they died while delivering. I guess I have been very lucky, but I have personally never had any of these things happen here, and I can't stand to know that I sold them and therefore caused whatever misfortune to happen to them.

Click here and read this page over first and the info below, then email or text me. Please bring collars and leashes when picking up goats.

Please read the following thoroughly before contacting us about any goats we have for sale.

No I will never sell a goat for meat.

Please note that we are not shipping goats by air now, so you will either have to come here, arrange to meet us at a show or somewhere else, or arrange for a transport service to pick up a goat from us. Also note that we will not sell just one goat to someone, if you don't have another or others. They are herd animals and you must have at least two. 

We always deworm the goats before they leave for their new homes and we usually update their shots if it has been several months since they have received them. We also do their hooves then. 

A non-refundable $100 deposit will hold the goat of your choice for a month, no longer, unless agreed upon by both parties before receiving the deposit. If we are willing to hold the goats longer, a set time must be agreed upon, and this communication must be in written form, such as email or text. We will not hold a goat indefinitely for pick up. Three months is our absolute limit to hold a specific goat even if paid in full. We will keep your deposit and put the goat back up for sale, after notifying you by email. 

All money paid toward the purchase of a goat is non-refundable, whether just a deposit or full payment. The only case where money would be refunded is if the goat died, became seriously ill, or was permanently injured to the point that it couldn't be bred or shown.

 Also, all money would be refunded if we were to back out of the sales agreement. We reserve the right to change our minds about selling any of the animals we have listed for sale. Also we reserve the right to change our prices on our goats listed for sale up until the time we receive a deposit on them.

An unborn kid can be reserved with a non-refundable $50 deposit. Payment in full is expected by the time the kid is weaned and ready to leave our farm. Most kids will be weaned between 8-10 weeks old. We reserve the right to change our minds about selling any of our kids. If this were to happen, we would provide a full refund of any money paid to us. Also the deposit on a kid would be refunded if the reserved kid was not produced. The buyer could also apply that deposit to another kid or adult goat if they want.

If you are paying for a goat at the time of pick up at our farm or delivery to a show, please pay in cash, that is, if we don't know you and haven't agreed that a check is okay. Please note that although we do not charge a fee for delivering goats to shows, we will not deliver them without receiving the full payment of the goat first. 

Some does may be sold bred for an additional fee of at least $100 depending on the service buck. This fee is refundable if the breeding doesn't take. If we state that we are selling a doe bred at no additional fee, or if we sell the doe for $400 or less, then the breeding is not guaranteed, and no money will be refunded if the doe doesn't settle. We need time to be able to get a doe bred, two to four weeks, so please get your deposits to us if you want them bred. We will not breed does without first receiving the deposits. Please notify us if you are sending us a deposit.

We provide the purchaser with registration certificates, or applications for registration for both AGS and NDGA, all breeding, health care, and pedigree records. We microchip with Home Again instead of tattooing. 

Please note that we do not require that any tests be performed before we sell a goat.  Any tests a buyer wants run, will be at the buyer's expense. Arrangements to pay for the tests must be made before they will be run. If it is a test our veterinarian must perform, then a credit card number must be called into her office before we will take the goats in to her, or a check must be sent to us to cover the expense. If it is some test that we can pull the blood and send off ourselves, then we must receive a check or money order first. 

If goats are shipped, the purchaser is responsible for all shipping expenses and health certificates. The cost of a health certificate is $30 and up to 12 animals can be listed on it. If we are delivering goats to a show that we are already attending with goats of our own, we won't charge the purchaser an additional fee for the required health certificate, unless the number of goats we are delivering to them puts us over the limit of twelve animals, thus requiring another certificate. But in any other case, if the purchaser needs a health certificate, it is their expense and will be at least $30. The buyer to needs let us know ahead of time if they need a health certificate. We need time to make an appointment and get the goats into the vet.

Some of our goats have gone to new homes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Iowa, Indiana and California. 

Please make checks or money orders payable to Sherri Jones and mail to 9987 Tracy Road Atoka, TN 38004.

If you need to call, our home number is 901-829-4954. But texting 901-604-1329 is a better way to contact me.

We can accept paypal payments at this email If paying by paypal please include all fees, the 3% fee plus 30 cents per transaction fee. Otherwise you can pay by check or money order. If paying by check, there will be a two week waiting period for it to clear the bank. 

Chinook Winds Farm Sales List


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