Our Fell Ponies

Last Updated 8-25-14

Brough Hill Ryanne

Llancloudy Stor

Fell ponies are a rare breed from the Cumbria region of England where they have been bred on their native fells since Roman times. They are known for their hardiness and their strength. They have fine leg feathering and long manes and tails. They stand between 13.2-14 hands. Black is now the most common color, but they are also brown, bay and gray. A small white star is permissible, as is a small amount of white on either back fetlock.

8/14 Ryanne and Stor just came back home after spending 3 months at Showcase Equestrian Center. They were getting a brush up on their saddle training while Aaron and I began our training. We did about a month of ground work before we started riding them. My hope is to start driving lessons with Ryanne in a couple of months. We did one lesson and the trainers at Showcase said she definitely knew what she was doing. 

Brough Hill Ryanne 2003  13.3  all photos courtesy of Stonecreek Farm Fell Ponies

Sire: Newfarm Midsummers Night "Deryni" (Waverhead Robbie x Lownthwaite Orange Blossom) 1st US born stallion to receive FPS licensing, exhibited at the Kentucky Horse Park during the parade of breeds show in 2005

Dam: Heltondale Sparkler IV (Heltondale Black Prince III x Heltondale Sparkler II)

This 11 year old mare is a non-fading black with a small white star. She is trained under saddle and to drive. She has been owned by Stonecreek Farm since 2007 and has recently been used there for riding lessons. 

Foals: Stonecreek Bella by Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, black filly with white star born 4-5-09




All photos courtesy of Stonecreek Farm Fell Ponies

Newfarm Midsummers Night 1996 Waverhead Robbie 1993-owned by Laurel Highland Farm Waverhead Prince II Greenholme Geoff Greenholme Chris
Heltondale Lilly
Waverhead Magic Waverhead Rambler 1959
Townend Polly VIII 1960
Waverhead Julie's Jenny Townend Flash Lunesdale Richard 1965
Townend Polly 1955
Waverhead Julie Waverhead Rambler 1959
Jewel O The Hill 1955
Lownthwaite Orange Blossom 1988-owned by Laurel Highland Farm Townsend Samuel 1982 Greenholme Geoff Greenholme Chris
Heltondale Lilly
Lunesdale Sandra 1975 Lunesdale Jerry 1972
Adamthwaite Sandra II 1968
Lownthwaite Apple Blossom Lownthwaite Ember Townend Prince 1968
Lownthwaite Eve 1957
Lownthwaite Star Blossom Gala Barberry
Lownthwaite Star Trek
Heltondale Sparkler IV 1988 Heltondale Black Prince III 1982 Hardendale Raven Moorhouse Black Price 1972 Heltondale Black Prince II
Sleddale Rose VI 1964
Hardendale Star Twislehope Star
Heltondale Fusedale Daisy
Heltondale Beauty III Glenwelt 1964 Merry John III 1953
Roe Head Duchess 1951
Heltondale Dido Heltondale Mountain Prince 1957
Dolly II of Heltondale 1950
Heltondale Sparkler II 1982 Hardendale Raven Moorhouse Black Prince 1972 Heltondale Black Prince II
Sleddale Rose VI
Hardendale Star Twislehope Star
Heltondale Fusedale Daisy
Heltondale Sparkler Heltondale Heather Lad Glenwelt 1964
Heltondale Rosanna 1962
Heltondale Madge 1971 Heltondale Ranger
Heltondale Bonny Lass III


Llancloudy Stor 13.3 1999 solid black, imported 2002, purchased from Stonecreek Farm Fell Ponies

  All photos courtesy of Stonecreek Farm Fell Ponies

Sire: Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, imported, owned by Stonecreek Farm Fell Ponies, still standing at stud at 22 years old

Dam: Hylands Velvet Lady

This 15 year old mare was imported from Hereford, Herefordshire, England in 2002 by Stonecreek Farm Fell ponies and she has been owned by them ever since. She was trained to saddle in 2004 and was exhibited at Equine Affair in Ponoma, California in 2004 and 2006. We were able to meet her sire when we visited Stonecreek. He was in the pasture with Gemma.

All photos courtesy of Stonecreek Farm Fell Ponies


Stonecreek Timothy's Mir Image by Ferrymount Timothy, black colt born 5-7-03, sold to CA

Stonecreek Morgaine by Rafland Ranger, black filly born 9-2-04, sold to WA

Stonecreek Onyx by Ralfland Ranger, solid black filly born 4-22-07

Stonecreek India, solid black filly born 5-7-08

Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, blk 1992 Waverhead Black Magic Townend Flash II, 1969 Lunesdale Richard, 1965 Heltondale Sonny Boy, 1961
Lunesdale Peggy, 1958
Townend Polly VI, 1955 Master John, 1946 b
Townend Polly IV, 1950
Waverhead Magic Waverhead Rambler, 1959 Black Grouse, 1953
Jenny O The Hill, 1946
Townend Polly VIII, 1960 Summer Glent, 1955
Townend Polly VI, 1955
Kerbeck Night Music, 1984 Lunesdale Jerry, 1972 Mountain Flash II, 1966 Waverhead Rambler, 1959
Mountain Heather
Sleddale Dainty III Adamthwaite Lucky Star, 1958, 13h blk/br
Sleddale Dainty
High Heath Dainty, 13h Bassenbeck Jasper Waverhead Rambler, 1959
Sleddale Beauty, 1962
Lunesdale Bunty, br Townend Flash II, 1969
Lunesdale Heather
Hylands Velvet Lady II, blk 13.2, 1981 Heltondale Sonny Boy, 1961 Heltondale Star Boy, 1954 Heltondale Prince, 1951 dkb/br Heltondale Romer, 1939, dkb/br
Blackbird VII, 1940
Gipsy Pearl, 1948 Heltondale Romer, 1939, dkb/br
Gipsy Queen IX
Fuesdale Black Bess Of Heltondale Heltondale Romer, 1939 dkb/br Jock Of Askham Gate, 1928, dkb/br
Mare by Mountain Ranger
Dot Of Keld Head, 1941 Heltondale Romer, 1939, dkb/br
Topsy XXVI
Hylands Velvet Lady, blk 13.2, 1969 Wharton Master Master John, 1946, b Black Jock II
Dainty Molly
Lowhouse Madge, blk
Winston Charm, 1965 Master John, 1946, b Black Jock II
Dainty Molly
Downhill Vera, 1956 Lownthwaite Boy, 1946
Lownthwaite Lorna, 1946