Peter Stone

Chips Mules


(entire collection sold)

OOAK Macaw Dolly   
  Would love to purchase a Gypsy  


OOAK Macaw Glossy painted by Gretchen O'Neail from 5-30-11 Webcast     Sold

 NAN qualified at the LHS and Reserve Grand Champion in LTD/ OOAK OF Stone

4th in over all collectibility

The detail is amazing on this tiny model! Just amazing! It has hand etching everywhere. Some of the appy spots remind me of the way Blind Date is painted. It has a completely redone upright mane. I feel it is irreplaceable. It is signed and dated by the artist. LSQ. 

There's no doubt I'm lucky to have this one. I called on every one of the chips during the webcast and heard "sorry it's already sold" over and over. That's what they told me when I called about this one. The one they told me I did get was "Guppy", but when I called Monday to pay, they said they didn't have me down as the buyer for Guppy. And I thought I had missed out on all the chips. Then they said they did have me down for one, Macaw. I couldn't believe I could get that lucky and that things could get that confused either. I haven't been a big fan of the webcasts since then. I have watched them all but I haven't purchased anything since.

Dolly glossy Nov. 2010                                   "Brown Sugar"


This is a limited run of 30, for the December Warehouse Sale. This bay blanket appaloosa has beautiful roaning and a skunk tail. It has a hand etched star, is customized with an open mouth, pinned ears and swishing tail, and repositioned into a sliding stop. The repositioned right front hoof is completely carved out underneath. There are rich red metallic accents in the dark brown. Purchased from Stone Direct. LSQ

Flagg  glossy  August Extravaganza 2011   3rd place at LHS

This is a run of 100, a beautiful paint job with beautiful shading, for only $29.99. I can't imagine selling it at any price. Purchased from Stone Direct. LSQ

Nevada Reign  glossy 2008       4th place at LHS


This run of 150 is a beautiful bay appaloosa. Purchased from Laurre Breman. LSQ