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Updated 6-2-14

OOAK Hennessey $125

2013 DAC020 Twist Tail Bay roan

2013 DAC020 Twist Tail in Chocolate roan

2013 DAC026 Galloping in frosty dun

OOAK Hennessey glossy 2011 For Sale $125   "Gandalf" Gypsy Vanner stallion

NAN qualified at the Little Horse Show 2013



This model has a customized mane and tail, extensive etched pinto markings and a white blaze. High gloss. Purchased from Stone Direct at $125.  LSQ

2013 DAC020 with twist tail glossy 10/13   "Hairy Potter" Gypsy Vanner stallion


This FCM run features a very customized tail, lifted and twisting, and a mane with added detail done in a beautiful bay roan with high whites on the front legs and extreme high whites on the back legs and the 2012 blaze. I believe the total was $90. I really love this model.

2013 DAC026 Galloping Friesian on base glossy 11/13    "Frodo Baggins" Gypsy Vanner stallion


This run features a customized mane and tail and is rearing up somewhat on a base. I asked for mine to be done in the frosty dun pattern.

2013 DAC020 with twist tail glossy 12/13     "Bilbo Baggins" Gypsy Vanner stallion


This is the same as above but this one I had done in chocolate roan.