Peter Stone

Chips Drafters


YCI Chips Drafter to Friesian Stallion, Overall Grand Champion OOAK/LTD Stone, Little Horse Show 2013

Mini Me Helsinki YCI Valentino Friesian Stallion DAC 2012 Windblown mane and tail blue roan DAC025 Windblown/Split Mane 2013 palomino roan
DAC029 2014 Long and Flowing Locks in sooty buckskin Spice Cake For Sale $60 OOAK DAH 2013 chocolate roan- for sale $94 ppd Mini Me La Cumbre
DAC Long and Flowing Locks 2015 solid black-coming DAC Mariah Drafter 2014 in black tobiano with badger face-coming DAC Mariah Drafter 2014 in seal bay with badger face-coming OOAK Dragoon from Equilocity 2014


OOAK Dragoon 2014 matte       Sugar Bush Draft-Eomer


From the Equilocity Warehouse sale. This model looks almost identical to the customization of the Long and Flowing Locks drafter. He is painted a gray blanket appaloosa with spots. 

DAC029 2014 Long and Flowing Locks drafter glossy      "Aragorn" Gypsy Vanner Stallion


This run features a very long mane, forelock and tail. I asked for mine to be painted in a sooty buckskin with four medium whites and the 2014 blaze. This run is the only thing I have seen them do that reminds me of my You Call It from 2012. You can see him below and above. He is a Friesian Stallion. Valentino has much more detailing to his mane and forelock and more to his tail though.

DAC025 2013 Windblown/Split Mane glossy "Legolas"


This was another windblown customization of 30 pieces. I think it varies only slightly from the 2012 version. I asked for mine be done in palomino roan with blue eyes. 

DAC 2013 OOAK glossy For Sale $94 includes shipping   Amedei-Italian Heavy Draft


This was supposed to be an OOAK done with a turned head. I question whether it really is an OOAK. After I placed my order it still came up as available on the website. I asked for mine to be painted a chocolate roan. I think this is really DAC019.

2012 DAC windblown LE glossy    "Wolfsbane" Noriker


This was a 30 piece limited edition customization of a windblown mane and forelock and a long, sweeping tail, also a limited edition color, blue roan. I added blue eyes and a small star.

OOAK Valentino YCI glossy Feb. 2012 "Valentino"-Friesian 

Grand Champion in Collectibility at LHS 2013

Grand Champion in LTD/OOAK OF Stone at LHS 2013

NAN qualified in Halter and Collectibility


My first You Call It model. It is remade as a Friesian stallion with heavily customized mane, very long and wavy, on the left side of the neck, also a heavily customized very long forelock. It has a completely remade long tail and at lot of the leg feathering has been removed and then completely redone with much more hoof detail. Beautiful depth of shading to the black that I didn't expect. And also the added surprise of a slightly opened mouth and more detail to his stallion parts. It's worth every penny of the $350.

Mini Me Helsinki glossy 2005                          "Thor" Sugar Bush Draft Stallion      

This is a run of stallions, the number produced is unknown. 

Spice Cake glossy 2007   For Sale $55


This is a run of 30 stallions, all glossy. 

Mini Me La Cumbre                                        "Hobgoblin" Sugar Bush Draft Stallion


This run of 50 features a straightened head and a long tail. The spots are haloed.

DAC Long and Flowing Lock Drafter 2014 Glossy-coming

I asked for mine to be painted solid black.

DAC Mariah Drafter 2014 Glossy-coming

I asked for mine to be painted black tobiano with badger face and multi eye.

DAC Mariah Drafter 2014 Glossy-coming

I asked for mine to be painted seal bay with badger face, multi eye.