Peter Stone 

Chips  Andalusians

Updated 8-3-14

Cookies N Cream Sir Percival Newsprint $60
2013 DAC023 Turned head   Copenhagen
Would like a Viento    


Cookies N Cream glossy 2010   "Shadowfax" Spanish Jennet stallion

3rd at Equilocity 2014 in Other Pure/Mix Light/Gaited Breeds Rare Stone


Limited run of 15. Signed by Corinna Engrissei. Beautiful shading and mottling. From Stone's ebay store. LSQ

Sir Percival glossy 2008   "Antonio Banderas"-Andalusian Stallion  2x NANed

1st at LHS 2014 in Regular Run Stone Andalusian/Lusitano/Lippizan

4th place in collectibility LHS 2014

2nd in Andalusian/Lusitano/Lippizan Regular Run Stone Equilocity 2014


This is a limited run of 50 and customized with twitched ear and swishing tail with split end detail.  LSQ

Copenhagen   matte                           "Mott the Hoople" Colorado Ranger stallion


A run of 100. I never could get one of these from MH$P, so I finally got this one on Ebay. It seems to not have anything wrong with it. I'm still looking for a glossy one.

Newsprint glossy 2006 for Sale $60


Run of 10. Purchased for $75. LSQ

2013 DAC023 Turned Head glossy                               "Fernando" Spanish Jennet Stallion


This 30 piece run featured a turned head, toward the right, the mane side. I asked for the limited edition snowflake appaloosa pattern, which I really love in person. The mane and tail are very shaded. Even the muzzle is shaded.